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Amped up deli sliced pork loin

Take a simple deli meat to the next level

Farm Boy Egg Bake

Skillet Egg Bake 12 inch oven ready skillet 1 lbs bacon (diced)1 small onion (diced)4 cups potatoes (diced)2 tbsp Farm [...]

Bacon Wrapped Smokies

Bacon Wrapped Smokies A great treat in our home as a snack or something to share. lb bacon12 oz Hiillshire [...]

Farm Boy Pork Ribs

  Pork Rib made with Farm Boy Rub  

Improve store bought pizza crust mix

I don’t aways have time to make pizza dough from scratch, and Pizza in this small town in limited to […]

How to Make a cake mix better!

Many people buy the off the shelf cake mixes.  These are ok and have gotten better over the years but […]

A better Work Lunch

If many of you are like me and want a hot lunch at the office and don’t feel like going […]

Vegetable Soup (vegan)

This soup was hard for me to create and make.  I thought it would be better with some big hunks […]

Mango Cheesecake

This was just something that I thought sounded good, so I created it.  The taste is good with a hint […]

Key-Lime Cheesecake

I was in the mood for a key-lime pie, however I had a lot of cream cheese ob hand.  Now […]

Cream Cheese Frosting (Chocolate)

Saw people eating just the fronting and not the cake it was on.  The dark frosting is the chocolate version […]

Alfredo Sauce

I hve ben making this for years.  Everyone seems to really like it and it has good flavor Rich and […]

Marinara Sauce

Wow another dish with no meat.  The could be a problem for me.  everything needs  meat in it.

Pasta Meat sauce

Is this an authentic Italian meat sauce?  The truth is I have no idea, but it tastes really good. Sponsor: […]

Cheese sauce

This is my base cheese sauce that I use for my Mac-n-Cheese.  You can also use this sauce on a […]

Vegan Garden Vegtable soup

This was a hard soup to male.  I kept wanting to add meat and beef stock to it.  However I […]

Chex Mix, My way

I have come up with my own Chex mix recipe.  talking to those that have had the variations this seems […]

Hearty Chicken Noodles.

This based on my Mom’s Chicken and noodles.  We liked noodles better than broth so this is a very thick […]

Bison Chilli

I created this soup for something different.  You could use beef the flavors work best with the Bison. This is […]


This is my version of a Wendy’s frostie

Egg Noodles

These are my homemade egg noodles that I use in my beef and noodle and chicken and noodle dishes Simple […]