I  Currently live in the des Moines, Ia metro area. The purpose of this site is to share recipes with the masses, well as product reviews and maybe even a few restaurant reviews. 

In my day to day life I work in the information Technology world and mainly use food as a hobby.  Well it is more of an obsession than a hobby.  I have owned a restaurant and served as its executive chef.  I do a lot of cooking in large quantity for my church and other groups as well.  I have made some award winning sauces and have had them showcased in a local Des Moines restaurant. 

I grow up on a dairy farm in Northeast Iowa and learned a lot about animal and crops and I apply that to my cooking.  I leaned to cook from my Mother who can still great some great dishes.  Growing up my friends always want to stay for meals.  This I guess rubbed off on me.  To this day friend still ask me to cook and bring food to gatherings.

In my spare time I do a lot of cooking and experimenting with different sauces.  I am also a certified KCBS BBQ judge and enjoy judging BBQ as well as eating it.  I am still a farmer at heart and I do spend a lot of time help a friend on his 8000+ acre farm. 

Feel free to register and leave comments, however keep it clean,  if you have an issue with anything please send me any email on the contact form.  Please be respectful of other users and their comments.

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